Guide to How It Works

Our System is very simple to understand, but you must first create a account.

Register a new account:

1. Register with your PayPal E-Mail Address

2. Wait the Confirmation E-Mail and Confirm

3. Done

How can buy a Position(s):

1. Login

2. "Buy Position"

3. In the next window tap on the first field how many position(s) want to buy ex. 1 or 2 or 3, then select “Processor” and click “Buy Now”

4. Click "ok"

5. Click “submit” then you go to the PayPal website to take the payment. Pls. after you have already processed the payment, wait few seconds and you go automatically to our website back.

Now you are ready to place your banner ads to the website, if you are join other system.


Now I want to explain you how you can earn $10

If you have already Buy a Position, the System place you on the empty spot in our 3X2 Matrix System. The System work automatically.

The system need 12 Entries/Members to Cycle, after you cycled the System pays you instantly $8 Cycler Bonus and $2 Sponsor Bonus (your effort to promote the website) to your PayPal account. That`s all.

If you see the system is working automatically, you do not need to do anything, just wait, but I have strictly rules.

What I mean “strictly rules” If you get paid to your PayPal account, you have 24 Hours time to buy a new Position to earn $10 again and again, if not your account will be deleted.

Why deleted? Very simple, if you not buy a new position that´s mean for me you don´t have more interested to earn more money. If all members don´t buy a new position, the system will have stopped to work and no anyone get paid.

Pls. follow this rules and I can give you my guarantee that the system will work for lifetime.

Stay with me and you will see…

If you have any question, pls. don´t hesitate to contact me

Best Regards


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