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Delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Custom Solutions That Drive Growth

At Boost 360, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results for our clients. By combining our diverse expertise with a deep understanding of your unique goals and challenges, we create custom solutions that drive growth and improve well-being.


We leveraged our AI expertise to build an innovative, forward-thinking solution tailored to their unique needs. This system enabled them to streamline their workflows and scale their eCommerce operations efficiently and effectively.

We led a company-wide restructuring that transitioned their sales model from a person-to-person approach to a more efficient and modern eCommerce solution. Additionally, we unveiled their fresh branding and revamped their marketing operations, enabling a more robust and dynamic business approach.

With a bold mission to awaken humanity to the technology within, we joined forces with InTruth to create a powerful, impactful campaign. By tapping into our expertise in AI development, executive leadership, and investor relations, we helped them make significant strides toward building a civilization of love by 2030.

We’re acting as their dedicated marketing and growth team, aiding in hypothesis testing for their innovative products. Our expert insight helps shape compelling marketing messages and strategies that target the ideal audience, fostering a strong pipeline of potential leads.

We provided marketing support to PRUVN, a longevity-focused company bridging the gap between medical science and marketing. Our tailored packages helped them gain traction in the healthcare and health supplement industries, with services ranging from brand analysis to certification processes and campaign strategies.

We’ve been an integral part of their dynamic marketing campaigns and are now diving into a rebranding initiative. Our upcoming projects include crafting a new website to better showcase their remarkable events that bring together the longevity community in inspiring ways.

We’ve engineered an innovative client data solution that revolutionizes their brand communication around influencer campaigns. We’ve not only expedited the sharing of victories but also enriched the detail level, all while streamlining their entire process for maximum efficiency.

Boost360 played a pivotal role in the development and launch of Tiny Storytellers, an AI-driven platform that empowers young children to create their own picture book stories. Our involvement included crafting engaging prompts for DALL-E, designing user-friendly interfaces, and devising effective marketing strategies to reach their target audience.

Firewalker is a data tool providing real-time analytics on 10,000+ cannabis locations. With a deep set of custom-extracted, otherwise ephemeral data collected over the past 9 years focusing on the consumer cannabis market. We have the most robust historical dataset in the cannabis industry. With this unique set, our AI powered searching system can learn and provide a human-like interaction, and also contain highly relevant real time product options and accentuate information about the products with our custom machine learned product metadata.

Peridot is an AI-powered website builder and full-stack marketing solution designed specifically for the cannabis industry. With embedded integration with major cannabis e-commerce and POS solutions, our product provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. Our platform offers an automated website builder, an AI-powered dashboard, and AI concierge marketing, and inventory management. Peridot is affordable, immediate, and beautiful, allowing cannabis retailers to set up their websites overnight. Simply put, Peridot is the must-have solution!
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